How Trump’s tweets and speech pattern hypnotise his followers

This is why the President is the Pied Piper of politics

Calvin Coolidge had a reputation for being a pretty straight-laced kind of guy. The president who led the United States throughout the prosperous Roaring Twenties was a man of few words – so much so that he earned the nickname ‘Silent Cal’. But even he had his moments of eccentricity. In the summer of 1927, he […]

Why you should still include ‘Sent from my iPhone’ in your mobile signature

Those four little words reveal more than you think

While conducting some research recently, I discovered a question in a web forum that got me thinking. In a nutshell, the question was: should you include ‘Sent from my iPhone [or Android phone etc.]’ at the foot of an email if you’re composing it on a mobile device? I confess that, until a few weeks […]

We’re not the communicators we think we are

Can we talk about that?

Most people think their driving is above average. That’s a statistical impossibility, of course, otherwise it wouldn’t be an average. Still, it’s what we believe. In one study, no fewer than 93 per cent of Americans questioned placed themselves in the top 50 per cent of drivers. This is an example of what psychologists call […]